False Bay Firearm Training Academy

From Keith Biermann – Chairman of False Bay Sports Shooting Club, re The Open Day on Saturday 21st September …..

To One and All who assisted A very big THANK YOU!!

To all the guys helping on the ranges, the catering crew, indemnity registration and most importantly the ladies assisting people in deciding what experience’s to select as well as how much ammo allocated for the chosen experience.

Having decided we would keep the Open Day a low profile affair due to the pending bad weather, Huntex and the fact that we would only be running a very limited Clay Shoot it turned out to be a huge success.

Unfortunately our early start of 09h00 did not happen but the first shots were fired just before 10h00.

The 09h00 start was a Typo and we kind of were all caught off guard so naturally the Club committee and regular helpers had to hurry up and get ready. There were some curt statements and comments between committee members but hey – welcome to life at the top of the Club – people are always expecting you to be right and organised all the time – sorry but not always possible.

Ammunition expended:

+- 800 rnds 7.62 x 39 (AK)
+- 400 rnds 7.62 x 52 (R1)
+- 980 rnds .223 (AR15 and LM4 / CR21)
+- 1000 rnds .22
+- 1900 rnds 9mm
+- 200 rnds each .375 and .44 magnum
+- 400 rnds .45
+- 200 rnds .303
+- 1000 rnds shotgun.

So for a small event a fair amount of ammo was expended.

Our Next Open Day is Saturday 07 December – WATCH THIS SPACE – we are going to see if we can get some special events / demonstrations for this day but more later.