For shooting training Keith Biermann is our go-to man.  His experience with firearms spans decades.  Firearms and firearm training has always been Keith’s love and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge. Keith is a never ending well of information and interesting facts. A Member of False Bay Gun Club he held positions of Chairman and Range officer. He also holds the title of Tactical Range officer.

Shooting competitively since 2003, he has competed in theIPSC, the IDPA and internationally at the IPSC African Area Champs. While a competitor himself, Keith also attended the IPSC World Shoot in Greece 2011 and again in France 2017 as Alexis Biermann’s manager.

The passion he displays for shooting stems from the exhilaration of the experience, fiery competition and the huge stress release factor! Keith turned his hobby into his business and will offer you nothing but the best. 

If you are in need of a gunsmith, please give us a call!

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