NEW One on One Training!

One on One Firearm Training with Alexis

BIG news! Alexis will now be offering exclusive one on one training by appointment only. We might not think it is important to know how to use a firearm. Especially if we never plan on owning one for ourselves. We don’t consider how important it is for our teen children to understand and know how to handle a firearm safely. There are many potential scenarios in life where understanding how a firearm works and how to use it will save their lives. In so many cases Dad is the one who has a self defense weapon. If you become incapacitated and the only way to protect themselves is with your firearm – will your wife or child know how to use it? What about Sports shooting? Alexis’s session is a great introduction to the world of Sport Shooting and she is proof of how far you can go with it when the bug bites. These sessions are available to anyone above the age of 12 who want to learn the basics of handling a gun in a secure and safe environment with an experienced, professional instructor. The lesson includes all safety aspects, correct stance, grip and technique. Phone Karin on 021 782 0107 to book a session.