11 December 2017 from 09h00: Tactical Unit standards course

03 December 2017 from 09h00: Rusty Gunman Level Up!

02 December 2017 from 9h00: False Bay Sports Shooting Club open day

19 August 2017 from 10h00 to 16h00: Introduction to IDPA 

17 June 2017 from 09h30 to 15h00: Rusty Gunman

3 June 2017 from 09h00 to 14h00: Open Day

28 May 2017 from 09h00 to 14h00: ICOR May Club Match

11 December 2017 from Tactical Unit Standards course from 09h00

5 day event.













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03 December 2017 FBSSC Rusty Gunman Level Up from 09h00








Rusty Gunman Level UP is a natural extension of the Rusty Gunman course
After a short recap of Rusty Gunman skills we focus 
• A balance of speed and accuracy for field work (we will help you set your baseline)
• Index and sight shooting transitions
• Transitioning between targets and target identification
• Moving and shooting 
• use of cover
• Malfunctions and mag changes including battle field pick up drills
• Firing and manipulating your firearm with both left and right hand grips
Round Count 200
Date: 03 December 2017
Time: 09h30
Venue: False Bay Shooting Range
Course Cost R860
MDW Members R760
To book email:

02 December 2017 FBSSC Open day From 09h00 to 15h30

Cost of entry: R30



19 August 2017 Introduction to IDPA

Time: 10h00 to 16h00


False Bay Sport Shooting Club will be hosting an Introduction to IDPA sport shooting.
No shooting experience is required. We will be using airsoft pistols, so anyone can come try it out.
Range Entry Fee of R60 is the only cost.


17 June 2017 Rusty Gunman 

Time: 09h30 to 15h00

Rusty Gunman Firearm Training Academy





Hosted By Advanced Conflict Training


Would you like to be able to defend your family in an emergency using that firearm that’s been laying in the safe for years?
Are you thinking about getting a firearm but you are not sure what to get… or IF you could use it?
Would you like to learn some shooting basics just for fun?

Violent crime is escalating and owning and being able to CONFIDENTLY use a firearm is becoming more and more important.

ACT Personal Safety in conjunction with MultiDimensional Warriors is proud to present: Rusty Gunman CT – a Tactical handgun handling and shooting skills course.

Presented by: Kelee Arrowsmith
Date: Saturday 17th June 2017
Venue: False Bay Sport Shooting Club
Signup: 08h30 – 09h30
Course: 09h30 – 15h00
Cost: R760 including Range fee (excluding ammunition)
Ammunition: 100 rounds

Limited places available, Confirmed booking essential
Book: / 021 788 1790


3 June 2017 OPEN DAY

09h00 to 16h00

False Bay Firearm Training Academy







Do you want to shoot an AK47 or even a .50cal rifle? Come join us. A large selection of handguns, military and modern sporting rifles and cowboy action firearms are all available to experience. The clay ranges will also be in full swing.

You don’t even need to own or have a firearm licence, or any training. We will have competent instructors, who will guide you through the use of all the firearms you choose to shoot.

There are no age restrictions, however minimum age of 11 year old, can be used as a guideline.

All it will cost is the gate entry, and cost per experience(s) chosen. Prices for the various experiences will be announced in the next week.

Watch this space for more info on special firearms never seen at open days


28 May 2017 ICOR May Club Match

Time: 09h00 to 14h00







Hosted by ICOR South AfricaThat’s right. The next exciting and always challenging ICORE match is on its way again.

Be ready for 3 stages of freestyle design and 1 ICORE classifier.
Round count 100 min.
Match fee R50
Build starts at 9

What you’ll need:
Revolver, holster, speedloaders and good aim.

Open to all.

See you there!