About our Training Academy

We offer a wide range of firearms and qualified instructors.

The Academy is your one stop shop, it’s a full dealership supplying firearms, ammunition, propellants and accessories. It also offers Proficiency and Unit Standard firearm training and certification courses, as well as non unit standard special courses, anti hijacking, night shooting courses etc. We also have a Gunsmith available.

As a dealership we have access to all firearm types and accessories from the local importers, even some of those elusive and hard to get items can be sourced.

As an ITA and PFTC registered Unit Standard training provider we are accredited to offer basic courses for private ownership all the way to Tactical courses and Instructor courses.

Meet the Team

Keith Biermann
Keith BiermannAccredited Senior Instructor
Accredited Senior Instructor, Training counciler, IPSC, IDPA, 3-gun and advanced level instructor.
Karin Roelofse
Karin RoelofseGeneral manager
Lewellen Cowie
Lewellen Cowie Administrator
Leona Rasdien
Leona RasdienAccredited Instructor
Advanced Level Instructor
Lizelle Roelofse
Lizelle RoelofseShop Assistant
Debbi Biermann
Debbi BiermannDirector
Andrew Coburn
Andrew CoburnRetail Administrator and Client Liason

Stay on target and join over 5000 happy shooters

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