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If you’re seeking a job that involves the handling, use or trade of firearms, you'll likely need a Firearm Competency for Business Purposes. This includes careers in… Private security Nature conservation Field guiding Professional hunting Firearm instruction Firearm sales Firearm transportation Shooting range management Film-set armoury Anti-piracy protection Anti-poaching And any other industry that requires a firearm for business purposes. FIREARM COMPETENCY REQUIREMENTS To apply for a Business Purposes Competency Certificate, you must complete the 117705 Unit Standard (Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act) as well as the basic Unit Standard (see below) applicable for your relevant application. On that [...]


TACTICAL FIREARM TRAINING – What you need to know


While tactical firearm training isn’t a legal requirement for armed response or security personnel, it is highly recommended for those wishing to up-skill their firearm knowledge and experience, especially those working in Cash In Transit (CIT). Many of the principles and techniques taught in Tactical Firearm Training are potentially life-saving. At the False Bay Firearm Training Academy in Cape Town, we offer PFTC accredited ITA Tactical Training unit standards, and a wide range of independent training programmes, too. This post will cover several frequently asked questions about the ITA Tactical Training Course and unit standards.   Contact the Academy here to [...]

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Firearm Training – Are old school techniques still relevant?


Guest post by Gideon Joubert. Originally published here. I have on more than one occasion remarked that I’ve learnt more about shooting from training students than I have from attending courses. That said, I also have the privilege of possessing a modest training library. The small collection of volumes on my shelf have paid for themselves many times over. The amount of time and ammunition they saved me far exceed their combined listed price on Amazon. Over the Christmas holidays I managed to reread a couple of them, as well as one or two newer additions. The eternal reality of combative [...]

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We know you're worried. Who wouldn't be? Crime is out of control in South Africa, and it's become painfully clear that SAPS is ill-equipped to solve the problem.   Fortunately, you’re not alone. Countless South Africans feel the same way which is why firearm licence and competency queries are up annually.   However, just like driving a car, responsible firearm ownership goes hand in hand with experience and training, and that's why we're offering free training sessions with the following proficiency / competency training courses.   In other words, buy the relevant instruction manual and get the ammo and training FREE! [...]


FIREARM TRAINING: How to hold a pistol and fine-tune your grip


While a ‘thumbs-forward’ grip is commonly accepted as the best way to hold a handgun, the technique doesn’t guarantee perfect results every time. That’s because even a thumbs-forward grip can have variations in terms of… How high your support hand is positioned on the frame How far forward your support hand is placed on the frame How much palm contact is on the frame The wrist angle of your strong hand The wrist angle of your support hand Whether your arms are fully extended or slightly bent Because your grip is crucial to accuracy, speed and shooting a relatively tight group, [...]

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Shooting Drill to Improve Speed and Accuracy


Live Fire Drill: THE ACCELERATOR We all want to shoot faster without sacrificing accuracy. The ability to do this has a lot to do with "throttle control, " or knowing when to speed up or slow down as the target distance changes. On that note, very few shooting drills do better at honing this skill than 'The Accelerator'. HOW TO SETUP THE DRILL You'll need three targets: One at 7 meters, another at 15 meters, and the last one at 22 meters. The width between each target is roughly 1m to 1.5m. Don't make this distance too broad as you want [...]

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Cape Town gun shop with shooting range and training facilities


Why you should buy your first firearm from the False Bay Firearm Training Academy You've found a firearm that you really like. You would've bought it already, but you're searching for the best possible price. You could keep deal hunting. Or… … you could buy your first firearm from the Academy and train with it while you wait for the license.   FIREARM LICENCE WAITING PERIOD As you probably know, firearm licenses can take up to 6 months or more before receiving approval. That's 6 months of gathering dust in a shop safe while you could be shooting, training, and [...]

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