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The Firearm Training Academy is pleased to announce the opening of our new and improved gun shop and firearm-training facilities. After operating from within the shooting range's clubhouse for many years, we've now moved into our own premises alongside the clubhouse. This significantly larger space allows us to display more firearm-related products and equipment; however, it also means we can stock and store far more firearms for our customers as our storage facilities are substantially larger. As mentioned in a previous post, one of the benefits of purchasing your firearm from the Academy is that, because we operate from one of [...]

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For more than 70 years, Q20 Multipurpose Oil has been a popular favourite amongst South African gun owners, particularly for its powerful cleaning and lubricating properties. However, as firearm technology evolves and incorporates new polymer materials, the need for a dedicated gun oil – that's plastic safe – has risen. And so, in 2020, Q20 launched a new product called: Q-GUN. Since then, many product users have wondered if Q-GUN is nothing more than Q20 rebranded. Let's take a closer look... As many gun owners will testify, Q20 boasts a potent solvent-based cleaning formula. Unfortunately, this unrivalled cleaning performance makes Q20 [...]

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The Mossberg Maverick 88 is a reliable and affordable shotgun that has proven popular among hunters, shooters, and home defence enthusiasts. This shotgun features a simple and robust design that makes it easy to use and maintain, and its dual-action bars ensure smooth and trouble-free operation. One of the standout features of the Maverick 88 is its versatility. With the option to add a wide variety of accessories, such as a pistol grip and various sighting options, this pump-action shotgun can be customised to meet a broad range of needs. Additionally, the Maverick 88's affordable price point makes it an excellent [...]

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When it comes to value for money, very few firearms can top a pump-action shotgun in terms of price, reliability, effectiveness, self defence, sport shooting, and just all-around shooting fun. Of course, prices can significantly vary amongst pump-action brands and models, but if you’re looking for bang-for-your-buck value, you’d be hard-pressed to beat the Armed Gladiator D122.     This 12 gauge, 3” magnum Gladiator Pump Action features a 7+1 magazine-tube capacity, 20” barrel length, front & rear sling points, synthetic butt stock with short tactical for-end, rubber recoil pad, and an aluminium receiver with a black-chrome finish. Other [...]

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With its 3.6" barrel, the TP9 Sub Elite was developed as CANiK's first sub-compact version of the TP Series of pistols. The TP9 Sub Elite offers the same features as other TP9 models; however, the Sub Elite is designed to be snag-free for better concealment and a faster draw. In addition, the TP9 Sub Elite offers other notable features that make it a competitive choice amongst self-defence sub-compact pistols, including: Double-stack magazine for added capacity. Front serrations on the slide for better grip. Concealed-carry holster. Spare magazine with finger rest. Magazine loader. Cleaning kit. CANiK TP9 SUB ELITE FEATURES  [...]

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CANiK SFx RIVAL FEATURES Full size, fibre-reinforced polymer frame Easy assembly / disassembly Fibre optic front sight Adjustable rear sight Striker Status Indicator Low profile, easy to disassemble slide stop lever Holster 'Fit and Lock' (HLF) Flared magwell frame Side changeable and length adjustable magazine catch with three sizes (S-M-L) Ambidextrous slide stop lever MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail Magwell ready interchangeable back strap – 3 sizes Lightened 90° diamond cut aluminium flat trigger Competition type magwell OTHER FEATURES CANIK toolbox CANIK punch Spare magazine Serrated trigger guard Two-sided holster Magazine loader Cleaning kit CANiK SFx RIVAL PRICE R19 000 (Black model currently [...]

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EARMOR M20 electronic noise reduction earplugs


If you spend a lot of time at the range, you’ll know that ear muffs eventually get uncomfortable after long periods. This is why electronic earplugs are often the preferred choice for shooters who do a lot of training and competitive shooting. The only problem is that most electronic earplugs are priced beyond what many people are willing to spend on ear protection. Thankfully, the answer may now lie in the EARMOR M20 range. EARMOR M20 DESCRIPTION The EARMOR M20 Electronic Earbuds adopt an in-ear electronic hearing protection system which can help reduce continuous noise and impulse noises while suppressing dangerous [...]

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