Basic Courses

False Bay Firearm Training Academy offers the following Proficiency training for SAPS Competency.

Basic CoursePlus LegalPriceDetails
Handle & use a HandgunYesZAR 1600View
Handle & use a manually operated rifle (Bolt action)YesZAR 1600View
Handle & use a self-loading (semi-auto) rifleYesZAR 1600View
Handle & use a shotgunYesZAR 1600View
Each 119 series added to one of the aboveYesZAR 850
Combination 4 FirearmsYesZAR 3000Primary firearm plus any two firearms


Business Purpose Courses

Business Purposes can only be done once the learner is already competent in terms of the following:

Communication NQF Level 3; U/s 117705: Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act; and the applicable Basic Firearm Competency. For more information on the basic courses, see the above table.

CoursePlus LegalPriceDetails
Handle & use a self loading rifle for Business PurposeNoZAR 1200123511 Handle & use a Self loading rifle for Business Purpose
Handle & use a shotgun for Business PurposesNoZAR 1200View
Handle & use a handgun for Business PurposeNoZAR 1200View
Handle & Use a manually operated rifle for Business PurposesNoZAR 1200View
Business Purposes Combo 3 GunsNoR3000
Security Combo:
Legal, 119 Hgun, 123 Hgun
YesZAR 2400

Please take note that these shooting courses are an all day event. Please make sure you bring along a packed lunch are prepared to stay all day.


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