10 Things you need to buy with your handgun



Many people put so much effort into getting their first handgun, that they forget about all the other important stuff that may be needed. In addition to budgeting for the firearm itself, you also need to consider the ancillary expenses that are critical to success with that firearm. Here are 10 things you need to buy with your handgun:

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Pistol Shooting by – StayHunting


Pistols are uniquely American. Few countries in the world allow their citizens to own guns. Americans can not only own guns, they can own pistols. That is very rare on the planet and you should be taking advantage of this.

Learning to use a pistol like a carpenter uses a hammer, takes time, skill and expertise. If you’re completely new consider training. If you’ve been to the range a time or two, and you’d like to channel your inner John Wayne and sling lead from your sidearm, you’re in luck.

This is the start of your pistol education for people who’ll be carrying a pistol for protection from predators, both 2 legged and 4 legged, and people wanting to get a start in handgun hunting.

Whatever you want to do with your handgun you have to know these things…