Firearm Courses Cape Town

Basic Firearm Courses

False Bay Firearm Training Academy offers the following Proficiency training for SAPS Competency.

Basic CoursePlus LegalPriceDetails
Handle & use a HandgunYesZAR 1600View
Handle & use a manually operated rifle (Bolt action)YesZAR 1600View
Handle & use a self-loading (semi-auto) rifleYesZAR 1600View
Handle & use a shotgunYesZAR 1600View
Each 119 series added to one of the aboveYesZAR 850
Combination 4 FirearmsYesZAR 3000Primary firearm plus any two firearms


Business Purpose Firearm Courses

Business Purposes can only be done once the learner is already competent in terms of the following:

Communication NQF Level 3; U/s 117705: Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act; and the applicable Basic Firearm Competency. For more information on the basic courses, see the above table.

CoursePlus LegalPriceDetails
Handle & use a self loading rifle for Business PurposeNoZAR 1200123511 Handle & use a Self loading rifle for Business Purpose
Handle & use a shotgun for Business PurposesNoZAR 1200View
Handle & use a handgun for Business PurposeNoZAR 1200View
Handle & Use a manually operated rifle for Business PurposesNoZAR 1200View
Business Purposes Combo 3 GunsNoR3000
Security Combo:
Legal, 119 Hgun, 123 Hgun
YesZAR 2400

Please take note that these shooting courses are an all day event. Please make sure you bring along a packed lunch are prepared to stay all day.


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Keith Biermann & Alexis Biermann - Firearm Courses Cape TownFor shooting training Keith Biermann is our go-to man.  His experience with firearms spans decades.  Firearms and firearm training has always been Keith’s love and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge. Keith is a never ending well of information and interesting facts. A Member of False Bay Gun Club he held positions of Chairman and Range officer. He also holds the title of Tactical Range officer.

Keith lives, breaths and speaks firearms and adds all of these qualifications to a very long list: SAPSA- Full dedicated sports status member since 2004, WPPSA – Full dedicated sports status member since 2004, SANDF (Navy volunteer) SADPA – Full member as of 2007, Range Officer since 2005, SADPA Full dedicated sportsman since 2007, Affiliated member via FBGA – NSA, CTSASA and WPCTS, Member BPSA – IPSC from 2010 and Member 3 Gun Nation. As recent as November 2017 Keith was awarded his Boland National Colours.  Proof enough that if you are looking for the best in the industry you need look no further.

Firearm Courses Cape Town