Firearm Instructors Course Cape Town

The newly revised Firearm Instructors Course now takes place over two weeks and includes all unit standards that were previously done individually.

On successful completion of this course you will immediately be registered with PFTC and ITA as a Firearms Instructor. 

Unit Standards to be covered:
Supervise Firearm Training US1123520
Facilitation and Assessment Guide
Ethics (Apply moral decision making US116483)
Range Officers US123519

The course involves theory and the art of teaching along with a practical component of handgun, shotgun, rifle and self-loading rifle.

Requirements: All basic 119 series and Business Purpose 123 unit standards. If you do not have these they can be obtained prior to this course.

Instructor: Keith Biermann ITA Training Councilor (Tc11383) PFTC verifier (0097)
Place: False Bay Firearm Training Academy Operating out of False Bay Sports Shooting Club, Glencairn.

Cost: R15750 (50% deposit is required to secure your booking) – please confirm cost on application.

Firearm Instructors Course Cape TownContact: 021 782 0107 or


Keith Biermann & Alexis Biermann - Firearm Instructors Course Cape Town

Firearm Instructors Course Cape Town