Make sure of your SAPS paperwork under Amnesty

It’s important to keep our community updated with all the latest news.
Please read this important message from Natshoot about your SAPS paperwork under Amnesty.

“SAPS have informed us that only the original owner of a firearm of which the licence has lapsed may apply for a new licence for that firearm under the amnesty.

That means Jack will have to wait until the new licence has been issued to John before he can apply for a new licence for that firearm if John wants to sell or give it to Jack.

In the meantime, we are receiving Emails from members who experience some problems at police stations when handing in firearms under the amnesty of which licences have expired, and for which they want to submit a new licence application.

Officers at police stations are not completing the amnesty forms correctly and are not indicating that an application for a new licence will be submitted within 14 days.

Please make 100% sure that it is stated on the form you receive back after handing in the firearm, that you will apply for a new licence (if you plan to). If that is not stated on the form you receive back, SAPS will definitely destroy that firearm.

Members are urgently requested to please let this office know of any problem as well as good experience they have had when making use of the amnesty.

Please also inform the office what the police did with the firearm you handed in under the amnesty at your police station (did they put it in a box, crate or cupboard – did they take it appart etc.).

Please send all Emails in this regard to

Please be vigilant at all times!
Natshoot Office”