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I played with guns as a kid. I was about 10 years old at the time and there were no adults around. It was just me and a school friend – cocking shotguns and finger spinning revolvers in a dimly lit basement.

To this day, my folks have no idea this happened. That was 28 years ago.

I knew that playing with guns was dangerously stupid, which is why I can remember my heart pounding all those years ago. But when you’re told that guns are bad most of your life, curiosity gets the better of you, and when you finally get the chance to hold one, risk aversion goes out the window.

You may be wondering how on earth a 10 year old got his hands on a firearm, but believe it or not, these opportunities have a way of presenting themselves. You see, my folks were very much anti-gun, but the same couldn’t be said about my mate’s parents.

I don’t know how, or why, he knew where his father “secretly” kept the key to the safe, but he did, and on several occasions he would open up and play around.

Thinking back, the thought now horrifies me, and as a father to two young boys it makes me weak at the knees to think of my kids handling a firearm (unsupervised) as if it were a toy.

But here’s the thing, you can’t control every situation your kids will be in.

This leaves you with two options:

1) Drum it into your child that guns are bad, and hope that nothing happens to him / her in an unsupervised situation. Or…

2) Accept the fact that things will happen beyond your control (or knowledge), and equip him / her to handle those situations.

But how do you do that? Well, lecturing them almost never works, so why don’t you take them shooting?

At the heart of every firearm training academy there exists one fundamental lesson: safety.

Like it or not, your kids may one day find themselves in a situation where a friend of theirs is handling a gun unsupervised. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure how your child will react, but one thing is for sure: Curiosity is NEVER a good thing.

With the appropriate training, your child will learn how to respect guns, but even more so, his/her actions won’t be motivated by curiosity.

As parents, we like to believe that our kids know right from wrong, and perhaps yours do, but hoping they’ll do the right thing is a feeble solution to a dangerously loaded problem – charged with peer pressure, adrenalin and a curious mind.

• Remove the curiosity factor surrounding firearms.
• Teach them how to respect guns, so that they have the sense to walk away from a dangerous situation.
• Lecturing your child about the dangers of firearms is not as effective (or authoritative) as hearing it from a 3rd party professional.
• Being in an environment where everyone is safety conscious reaffirms the behaviour and imparts gun etiquette.
• Firearm training will teach your child that safety is not merely a factor of firearm use, it’s an inherent part if it.

For more information on firearm training, call (021) 782 0107, or email False Bay Firearm Training Academy on

Instructors Course with Keith Biermann

Supervise Firearm Training Unit Standard 123520.

09 April – 13 April 2018

The course involves theory and the art of teaching along with a practical component of handgun, shotgun, rifle and self-loading rifle. Requirements: All basic 119 series and Business Purpose 123 unit standards. If you do not have these they can be obtained prior to this course.
Instructor: Keith Biermann ITA Training Councillor (Tc11383) PFTC verifier (0097)
Place: False Bay Firearm Training Academy Operating out of False Bay Sports Shooting Club, Glencairn.
Cost: R5700 (50% deposit is required to secure your booking)
Contact Keith: 082 774 0063

New Glock in SA

The NEW 19X is here and it’s ready to go!

It comes out in it’s very own awesome coyote coloured box!

Offering the best of both the 17 and 19, along with a set of the new spec night sights and a third magazine.  All you need is a holster and some ammo to hit the ground running!


Available in the same batch the fantastic new G34 Gen 5 MOS and the awesome new G26 Gen5 giving you all the improvements that Gen 5 offers, in two favourite packages.

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Low Light fundamentals by MultiDimensional Warriors

Low light fundamentals Night Shoot

Shooting in low light conditions comes with it’s unique set of challenges.
MDW and False Bay Shooting Academy bring you a course that will get you started with the fundamentals of shooting effectively in low light conditions.

What will we cover
• Low light shooting techniques
• Shooting in different low light conditions
• When and when not to use your flashlight
• Using a handheld flashlight

Date: Friday Evening 16th March
Time: 6pm-10pm
Venue: False Bay Gun Club
Cost: R 450pp (MDW and law enforcement R375)
Round count 100-120 rounds
To book email


See event on Facebook here:

SAGA News Flash


Eight justices of the Constitutional Court, our country’s highest court, will henceforth have to carefully consider the arguments made on behalf of the Minister of Police (as appellant), SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association (as defendant), Gun Free SA and Fidelity Security (both as amici curiae) and then adjudicate the case on the facts as contained in pleadings and the law. Since Judge Tolmay on 4 July 2017 ruled, among others, that sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act, No. 60 of 2000 were unconstitutional, our law requires that any finding of unconstitutionality by a High Court, needs to be confirmed by the Constitutional Court.

On behalf of the minister it was argued that the Gauteng North High Court went beyond what was proven by the applicant (SA Hunters) and that, accordingly, the ruling could not be confirmed. Counsel for SA Hunters, however, argued convincingly that there are clear gaps in the legislation, especially in the sense that no provision is made for firearm owners who had failed to timeously apply for the renewal for their licenses, to do so either during the so-called 90-days period or even after the license has expired.  Great emphasis was placed on the fact that the failure to timeously apply for the renewal of licenses criminalise such gun owners and deprive them of their ownership of their firearms. This is an argument based on constitutional principles that protect citizens against vague and irrational legislation and equal protection for all. It also guards against arbitrary deprivation of property. We are satisfied that the court understands that there are gaps in the law and that these gaps cause confusion and uncertainty among firearm owners.

The argument of GFSA was based on emotion and (again) irrelevant statistics and we are of the view that it will not contribute significantly to any finding or decision.
Fidelity’s argument coincided largely with what SAGA argued in the Gauteng High Court, namely that sections 24 and 28 were not unconstitutional, but rather that clear guidelines should be given regarding the interpretation of the provisions. These guidelines could then be utilised by parliament in redrafting the Firearms Control Act.
As expected, at the conclusion of the arguments, the court postponed the matter for consideration and to deliver judgment. Although we have no indication how long this might take, the justices are extremely hard-working and they have very high productivity rate.

Is it possible to predict the ruling of the court? It will be unethical and very irresponsible to do so.  The court will declare unconstitutional provisions of an Act only if there are no other remedies. Accordingly, even if the court does not confirm the declaration of unconstitutionality of sections 24 and 28 by the Gauteng High Court, it may nevertheless provide interpretation and guidelines for its application.
Firearm owners are reminded that it remains their responsibility to timeously apply for the renewal of their licenses or to lawfully dispose of such firearms should they no longer wish to possess them. Although the CFR sends out sms notices  to remind licensees of the imminent expiry of their licenses, it still does not happen consistently. Rather diarise the expiry dates and apply for renewal in time.


The SAGA Trust
P O Box 35203
Northway 4065
South Africa

Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy at False Bay Firearm Training Academy in Glencairn, Simonstown, Southern Peninsula

Job Description:

We are looking for a dynamic individual who is over 21 years of age and a non-smoker to join our team at False Bay Firearm Training Academy.  The company is growing in leaps and bounds and the correct person must be able to change and grow with the business. The successful candidate must be a people’s person who enjoys communicating with people from all walks of life, who has a passion for learning and for teaching.  We require someone who is hands on and willing to jump in and assist wherever needed which includes but is not limited to:


Assisting taking clients for Corporate and Experience Packages

Cleaning and general maintenance of firearms

Assisting the Gunsmith when needed

Assisting with range maintenance when needed

Assisting with stock control from time to time


A basic knowledge of firearm safety and a holder of a Competency certificate will be beneficial, but training will be provided.  The correct candidate must be able to adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the Firearm Industry.

Drivers License and own transport is essential as we are off the beaten track with little public transport to the location.


Working Hours: Monday to Friday 09h00 – 17h00 and one Weekend day a fortnight.

Salary:  Negotiable according to experience

NB: Only CV’s emailed to the address below will be considered.  Please do not send Facebook Private messages or phone in your application, as these departments are separate to Human Resources.  You will not get a response and your application will not be considered.

Please email your CV to

One Week of intensive pistol training 4 February 2018

One week of intensive pistol training 4 February 2018

False Bay Firearm Training Academy in conjunction with SwissITA is offering a Pistol Intensive Training Workshop from 4 to 11 February 2018.  Spaces are limited so contact us now to book your space.

Participants: SwissITA members and approved guests. Basic skills with the pistol and good fitness are required.

The camp offers intensive instruction and training with the pistol. The techniques are instructed, corrected, automated and finally applied in various situations.


  • Pistol IB1+2+3
  • IDPA intro, training and competition
  • Concealed Carry
  • Advanced exercises: low light operation, vehicle defense, operating in and around houses
  • Basic introduction: unarmed self defense, first aid

Instructors: Experienced instructors from Switzerland and South Africa

For details on registration please contact  



NEW One on One Training!

One on One Firearm Training with Alexis

BIG news! Alexis will now be offering exclusive one on one training by appointment only. We might not think it is important to know how to use a firearm. Especially if we never plan on owning one for ourselves. We don’t consider how important it is for our teen children to understand and know how to handle a firearm safely. There are many potential scenarios in life where understanding how a firearm works and how to use it will save their lives. In so many cases Dad is the one who has a self defense weapon. If you become incapacitated and the only way to protect themselves is with your firearm – will your wife or child know how to use it? What about Sports shooting? Alexis’s session is a great introduction to the world of Sport Shooting and she is proof of how far you can go with it when the bug bites. These sessions are available to anyone above the age of 12 who want to learn the basics of handling a gun in a secure and safe environment with an experienced, professional instructor. The lesson includes all safety aspects, correct stance, grip and technique. Phone Karin on 021 782 0107 to book a session.

Reddam House Learn to Shoot Workshop

Learn to shoot workshop





False Bay Firearm Training Academy recently hosted a Learn to shoot workshop for students from Reddam House. Eager minds absorbed every word as our different instructors share their individual knowledge. 

Learn to shoot course Content

Safety first with quite a bit of technical information was covered. Including trajectory, wind direction and velocity.  The practical shoot was a bit daunting at first but the kids were quickly at ease upon realizing they were in the best hands. 

Introducing sports shooting to children can form a lifelong passion and can take them on roads less travelled.  Our own Alexis Biermann has competed extensively Nationally and Internationally.  Alexis has collected a room full of Trophy’s and Medals on her travels.

Learning to shoot and safely handle firearms is something all children should eventually learn.  False Bay Firearm Training Academy will only take children from 12 years.  Whether a shooting experience like this develops into a Sports Shooting career or prevents an accident should a child ever manage to get hold of a firearm – we believe it is an important lesson to learn.

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