Pistol Shooting Tips

“Whether you’re hitting the range for fun, protecting your home or in the line of duty, you want every shot to be accurate.

If you’re like most people, you don’t have as much time as you’d like to practice your shooting. When you finally do get to the range, you need to get the most of our your time—and ammo. To get you the best pistol shooting tips, we asked 20 experts “What is your #1 “go to” pistol shooting drill to improve accuracy?” ”  Read this interesting article and find out some useful pistol shooting tips – Top Spec U.S.


Pistol Shooting Tips

Shooting Training False Bay


False Bay Firearm Training Academy will be offering a free training session for night shooting.

Date: – Friday 10th March
Time: – 19h00 to about 21h00/21h30
Requirements: – Torch, which ever you would use in an emergency situation, can be weapon mounted
BUT must be able to go in your holster, however preference is to bring a separate hand held torch.
Torches are for sale at the shop but there are limited quantities.

Equipment:- Bring your safety equipment, handgun, holster, 2 x mags and mag pouches
Ammunition :- 100 rounds
Costs: – Free training but range entry fee: – Members R20, visitors R50

The session will involve the following:
Torch techniques,
Target identification,
Shooting under low light conditions,
Shooting with a torch,
Vehicle lights,
Vehicle attack,
Silhouetting and various other techniques.

RSVP keith@fbsst.co.za or keith@firearmtrainingacademy.co.za.


Firearm Training Academy Video

Firearm Training Academy Video – Learn to shoot at our shooting range in Glencairn, Cape Town. 

False Bay Firearm Training Academy is a centre for firearm training, including sports shooting, fun shoots, corporate shoots, tactical training, self defense, CQB, or close protection training. Follow the link for prices and bookings.

Keith Biermann has been shooting and loving it since the eighties, and has been shooting competitively since 2003. He has competed in the IPSC, the IDPA and internationally at the IPSC African Area Champs and, in 2011, he attended the IPSC World Shoot in Greece, as his daughter’s manager.

Keith’s passion for shooting stems from the exhilaration of the experience, the fiery competition and the huge stress release factor! And he loves sharing that passion, whether for fun or for serious training, with his endless supply of fascinating facts and background information.

The False Bay Gun Club is his haunt, and as Western Cape Chairman of the Professional Firearms Training Council (PFTC), Keith is your best option for intensive and thorough training. He is also a Firearms Training Councillor – a teacher to the teachers.  Come for Shooting Training at our training academy.

Fun year end functions

Do something different for your year end function this year! Book a fun and adrenaline filled day for you and your staff at False Bay Firearm training Academy. Take in the view, feel the vibe and learn to shoot. Check out our packages and Call us today for a booking!

Year End Function - False Bay Training Academy - Handgun Shooting Training - Social Shooting Training or Sports Shooting Training. Team Building.
Year End Function – False Bay Training Academy – Handgun Shooting Training – Social Shooting Training or Sports Shooting Training. Team Building.

Or come for a team building experience.We offer various shooting packages to suit your requirements – target shooting, rifle shooting, clay pigeon shooting, small arms shooting.




The False Bay Firearm Training Academy – we offer the following

Gunsmith services
Arms and ammunition sales

Firearm training

Hunting equipment

Rifle training
Book a shooting course with us today!


The False Bay Firearm Training Academy - Rifle shooting. Gunsmith services
The False Bay Firearm Training Academy – Rifle shooting. Gunsmith services


Arms, Ammunition and Gunsmithing

The False Bay Firearm Training Academy in now a dealer in arms and ammunition.  We also provide gunsmithing services.  Winter is here and the hunting season is upon us.  We can assist you with finding and supplying all your hunting and sports shooting needs.

Visit our rifle range in Glencairn – try out rifle shooting, and shooting with telescopic sights.

False Bay Firearm Training Academy - rifle range, sports shooting, hunting - We are dealers in arms and ammunition.  Gunsmithing.
False Bay Firearm Training Academy – rifle range, sports shooting, hunting – We are dealers in arms and ammunition. Gunsmithing.

AGM – False Bay Sports Shooting Club

False Bay Sports Shooting Club will hold their AGM on Saturday 8th March 2014 at 16h00. Links to nomination forms and past minutes can be found on their website.

All Club Members are invited to attend this years Annual General Meeting.

Many topics and plans must be discussed and voted upon.

Membership can be enlightened as to how the Club facilities have been upgraded and funded.


Firearm Training and Firearm Team Building in Cape Town
Firearm Training and Firearm Team Building in Cape Town
OPEN DAY @ FALSE BAY GUN CLUB – Firearm Training
7 December at 10:00
Glencairn Quarry, Glencairn
2 people are going
False Bay Firearm Training Academy This time we have Sniper rifles courtesy of Truvelo available to shoot as well!- sniper rifles in .50cal & .308 by Truvelo Arms At the end of the day, the person with the best sniper rifle .308 and .50 cal groupings will win a T-shirt, bottle opener and sundries.

Question: What is the extra cost per experience? Answer: Cost varies between each experience.
The equivalent of batches of rounds of ammunition expended during the experience. For example:

· Handgun experience in 9mm or 38Special caliber (pistol or revolver) will cost R15 for the experience of shooting 5 rounds; Larger calibers like .45ACP or 44Magnum R20 for 5.

· For .22LR caliber, Pistol or Rifle R20 for 10.

· Rifle calibers, AK74, AR15, LM – experience shooting 5 rounds for R40. Pistol Caliber Carbines (9mm caliber etc.) R40 for 10.

· Tactical shotgun R30 for 5.

· Shotgun & clays: a round of 25 clays R150.

· Sniper Rifles: 

§ One (1) shot 12,7×99 (.50 cal anti-material) will cost R 180.00 each.

§ Three (3) shot grouping 12.7mm x 99mm (.50 cal) will cost R 450.00 per grouping.

§ Three (3) shot grouping .308 (ant-personnel) will cost R 50.00 per grouping.

These costs cover gun use and brief tuition on how to use the firearm.

False Bay Firearm Training Academy

From Keith Biermann – Chairman of False Bay Sports Shooting Club, re The Open Day on Saturday 21st September …..

To One and All who assisted A very big THANK YOU!!

To all the guys helping on the ranges, the catering crew, indemnity registration and most importantly the ladies assisting people in deciding what experience’s to select as well as how much ammo allocated for the chosen experience.

Having decided we would keep the Open Day a low profile affair due to the pending bad weather, Huntex and the fact that we would only be running a very limited Clay Shoot it turned out to be a huge success.

Unfortunately our early start of 09h00 did not happen but the first shots were fired just before 10h00.

The 09h00 start was a Typo and we kind of were all caught off guard so naturally the Club committee and regular helpers had to hurry up and get ready. There were some curt statements and comments between committee members but hey – welcome to life at the top of the Club – people are always expecting you to be right and organised all the time – sorry but not always possible.

Ammunition expended:

+- 800 rnds 7.62 x 39 (AK)
+- 400 rnds 7.62 x 52 (R1)
+- 980 rnds .223 (AR15 and LM4 / CR21)
+- 1000 rnds .22
+- 1900 rnds 9mm
+- 200 rnds each .375 and .44 magnum
+- 400 rnds .45
+- 200 rnds .303
+- 1000 rnds shotgun.

So for a small event a fair amount of ammo was expended.

Our Next Open Day is Saturday 07 December – WATCH THIS SPACE – we are going to see if we can get some special events / demonstrations for this day but more later.


Book yourself in to a firearm experience with an expert trainer

At False Bay Firearm Training Academy, you need no firearm experience … just an urge to shoot and have fun! And all this in the mind-blowing setting of the False Bay Gun Club, set up against the quarry and peering out over False Bay.

Have you thought about that end-year function yet? Well what better way to celebrate the end of the year than a full-bore shooting experience with an expert trainer. The one to get the bulls-eye buys the beer … afterwards!

Play and compete with your colleagues in a safe and controlled environment with a range of firearms, from handguns to shotguns to rifles, and that includes the AK-47!

Contact Keith now for more details, costs and to make a booking.