Practical Tactical Calendar 2019

Announcing-Practical Tactical 2019

MDW in collaboration with False Bay Firearms Training Academy will be presenting a series of Friday evening once a month short courses in 2019.  The dates and the topics for the first half of the year have been listed below so you can plan logistics well ahead of time. The Practical Tactical Series of courses will focus on attributes, complementary skills and scenarios to add to your gun skills.

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  1. Friday February 1st -Plug n Press (Gun and Stab Wound) -Lecture and Practical
  2. Friday March 1st Cornering and Cover -Shoot
  3. Friday April 6th Hijack safety
  4. Friday 3rd May Knife Proof Carry -Practical
  5. Friday 7th June Low Light -Shoot

Exact dates for courses below to be announced

  1. July Home Invasion Part 1 -Planning
  2. August Home Invasion Part 2-Scenario Training
  3. September Sights to Index -Shoot
  4. October Pepper Spray -Practical
  5. November Fun Shoot and Braai