Shooting Training Cape Town


Shooting for pure fun (Social Shooting Training Courses)


No experience needed for this adventure! As long as you’re over 8 years old, and have a parent or guardian, you’re good to go.
This is an unusual and popular option for international guests, corporate events, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or for any celebration, for that matter.
Travellers from overseas or locals are welcome as we invite them come and enjoy a shooting experience as a memorable part of their visit to what is arguably the most beautiful city on Earth.

Did you know? In most European countries you cannot shoot. Assault firearms and handguns are even difficult to arrange shooting with. Typically, it’s only clay target (pigeon) shooting! So, come for a full shooting training experience with assault weapons and handguns in a safe and controlled environment.
And what an unforgettable corporate team-building exercise this will be!

We will ensure that you have fun with target shooting, close range pistol shooting, aiming at cans, steel plates, you name it.

Shooting Training Cape Town. False Bay Firearm Training Academy - Rifle Training with Shooting Training and Shooting Supervision
Shooting Training Cape Town

Once you’re all tuckered out, you will leave with a target as a memento, full of holes, to show off to your friends!

Sports Shooting training

We offer training for serious sport shooting of all kinds – IPSC, IDPA, and clay target shooting. This is perfect for anyone, at any level, from basic skills right up to advanced tactical training.

Shooting Training Cape Town - Clay Pigeon Shooting. The False Bay Firearm Training Academy - Shooting Training at the False Bay Gun Club. Sports shooting.
Shooting Training Cape Town – Clay Pigeon Shooting


Firearm license training

This training can include:

  • legal competency training
  • firearm license training from up to tactical level, including civilians and law enforcement
  • close-quarters combat
  • anti-hijacking
  • basic first aid.

Find out more about our individual or group packages and costs.

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