Apply Tactical Knowledge in the use of firearms

Course Title: Apply Tactical knowledge in the use of firearms – Unit Standard 123510

Demonstrate Tactical proficiency with a handgun – 123513
Demonstrate Tactical proficiency with a shotgun – 123512
Demonstrate Tactical proficiency with a Self Loading rifle or Carbine – 123518

Course Material: ITA (international Firearm Training Academy)
The course involves theory and a huge practical component of handgun, shotgun and self-loading rifle.

Recognition: PFTC registered. Internationally recognised
Entry Requirements: 123 Unit standards, if you do not have these they can be attained
prior to the course – please contact us for further details
Equipment: Over and above the required firearms – Torch, knee & elbow pads, tactical
belt and vest, holster, slings and personal safety equipment

This course is an advanced level course specifically for persons who use firearms in a work related environment or for advanced civil home/family protection. This course focuses on the use of firearms in high risk situations and under extreme stress. Persons attending this course should be in reasonably good physical condition as there are a lot of physical interactions and activity during the practical evaluations.

Ammo requirments:
Handgun 400 rounds min (Qualification shoot is 50 rounds)
Shotgun 300 Rounds min (Qualification shoot is 20 rounds)
Self-loading rifle 400 Rounds min (Qualification shoot is 50 rounds)

Instructor: Keith Biermann – ITA Training Councillor (Tc11383) PFTC Verifier (0097)
Date: Monday 11/12/2017 (5 day duration)
Place: False Bay Firearm Training Academy operating out of False Bay Sports Shooting
Club, Glencairn, Cape Town
Cost: R5700 – a 50% deposit is required to secure your place
Contact: Keith 082 774 0063/